November 28, 2013

About Dress Belts (Straps)

November 13, 2013

The belt is an important element of the male wardrobe, essentially. Its principal function is to not allow the pants to be worn too low, or to slide in an uncomfortable manner. You could say it has the same functions as a suspender although it is the more widespread, practical, and always looks good. However, beyond that, it's capable of highlighting, favorably or not, the combination that we have realized since, it is the line that divides our body into two halves, above it, without focusing the vision too much, it grabs attention, not as much as in a tie but much more when it comes to the shoes. And it's because of that, that in the Style Manual of Massimo Ferris, we will give you the next recommendations to wear this accessory.

• The three belt colors or tones that must not lack from your wardrobe are black, brown, and cinnamon brown. They're the most easily matchable with any situation and color of suit. There are some belts that fall out of line (like purple, green, etc) but they should only be used with a specific look, but let's be frank, not everyone can pull them off.

• If the belt is made of leather, the shoes have to be made of leather as well. There are people with highly trained eyes and they could detect if the belt is synthetic, which does not look good, especially in the way it can start to peel, wrinkle, or deform with use.

• The same relationship with colors and tonalities, if we employ a dark brown belt, the shoes should be ocher brown.

• The color of the belt highlights the outfit as a set, avoid worn or discolored belts. The belts, same as the suits or shoes are not eternal. And the ones that do remain after many years of use, are fitted and expensive. 

• Strive for belt buckles that have classic designs and are the least extravagant, also the size must adjust to the width of your belt as to not exceed itself so it isn't out of tune with the elegant aspect that you are projecting. Because of this it is not recommended, the use of big buckles with slim fit suits.

Consider these simple recommendations and you will see that even when buying a belt, you will not only focus on the price. The instant specialization of how to dress can be interesting and fun. 


How to look taller when wearing dress clothes

November 6, 2013

When it comes to dressing for a special occasion, it is not necessary to indicate that everything will translate in a thorough care in the election of the suit, the dress shirt, the tie, the cufflinks for the dress shirt, and in the case of the most demanding, the socks (because at some postures, the socks will show).

In this context, the always restless mind (sometimes playing tricks) could trigger us to think in hiding the lack of components, or in ameliorating what we already have available since children when our genetic material stopped intruding what type of men (physically speaking) we would turn out to be. But there are some individuals that are wider than being tall, others that are thinner compared to others that almost have no chest, and some of them that almost need to stand with the tip of their feet to grab the products in the tall shelves at the supermarket. Considering the latter, MASSIMO FERRIS comments the following: What can you do to look taller? The same way that it occurs with women and heels, maybe the spectrum, maybe the idea that we are a bit taller can provide security and confidence. Also, a more “proportionate look” in which “everything is at its place” by wearing a style that improves and dissimulates, and not a style that only allows us to look good in front of the public in that important meeting.


What is the key? The answer is to achieve the so-called “vertical effect.” How to obtain the vertical effect? The following suggestions can be of great help:

- Wear pants and a dress jacket, and if they are not of the same colors, they have to be of congruent colors, similar, with difference in the color intensity; wear pants with a solid color and a dress jacket of another solid color can “fragment in two” visually on our body. This can make the proportion between the torso and legs more evident, turning it into an improper style in case we have short legs.

- The pants should be worn at the waist in order to show that the legs can look longer and the torso shorter (which would take us to use a fitted jacket and not an excessively long one).

- Be careful when wearing striped garments. It is recommended to wear them either in the jacket or in the dress shirt, but never on both.

- The extension of the jacket must be the same as the sleeves (the slim fit garments generally have this characteristic).

- Wear shoes with round tips (not square tips), but definitely forget of the tall soles (we must give the effect of being taller, but not necessarily showing that we want to looks taller).

- Avoid the horizontal lines in the case of t-shirts and sweaters (especially if we are overweight).


Considering this, we assure you that you will achieve the desired effect. And of course, never forget the attitude, and the good taste. In other words, do not forget that MASSIMO FERRIS will always be with you at the moment of having to decide when it comes to style. Therefore, we present this STYLE MANUAL.






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