Who and what is Massimo Ferris?

One long wooden table and on it, some scissors, threads, needles, thimbles, and a measuring tape. I close my eyes and I hear that fine sound of the chalk sliding over the fabric, marking a new cut off. Then, I transport myself to that moment when I passed by that workshop before going to school, the scent of those fabrics as I approached the door, that scent that used to welcome me every morning when saying goodbye to my grandfather. Almost without looking and only with the scent, I could guess the texture, the drop, and the softness of each one of its fabrics.

And in between the textures and forms, my grandfather Don Massimo, a distinguished tailor. Thanks to his creativity to imagine weavings and special designs, he was well known in our native land of Naples for his undisputed elegance and high-quality sewing. A fan of elegant apparel, he would personally choose each morning “the tie of the day,” since he thought that the tie undoubtedly represented the most important accessory in the closet of a man with a unique style.

Always elegant, always wise and perfectionist. That was Don Massimo Ferris, whom every morning would knot my tie before going to school and would fix the posture of my clothes, while always repeating the same phrase: “The man that make himself noticeable is the one who dresses with logic and education, so go study.”

Many years have passed by, and thanks and cherish those memories and the legacy of my grandfather is the reason why MASSIMO FERRIS was born and has grown. Dress apparel for gentlemen, characterized for being constantly innovative in its clothing line and accessories. A complete clothing line created for men with style who look for something unique and conclusive, marked with a style that has been worked on carefully in order to maintain the fusion of the perennial classic style without staying away from the modern trends.

Therefore, to innovate and to reinvent ourselves in each collection is our premise, making reverence to the suits, shirts, and ties that the scissors of my grandfather used to cut. Maybe, the suits with marked pads and thick linings would stay in the past with melancholy in order to adventure ourselves to the unstructured suits, but always prevailing with the essence of the quality and elegance of the fine sewing, cut, and tailoring.

Hence, believing in the words of my grandfather, I can say that Massimo Ferris is exclusively for men who make themselves notorious.