How to look good for a job interview

November 4, 2013


Job interviews are usual events in the professional life of each individual. In the previous moments before a meeting, anxiety is so big and of such caliber that all types of future prospects and ideas about what will happen go around the table. If we could hire an insurance against bad experiences, maybe some or most people would think about it and would go fresher, more sure, with the heart to a balanced rhythm and the sweat glands in perfect inactivity.

This is why we are proposing with an intention of being useful and taking part in the success of a care aspect of our clients in moments of such relevance, a guide that will turn one of the most difficult topics of these processes (the choice of dressing!) into a much more simple and fun process.


1. It is necessary to know the dress code of the company of which we are being interviewed for, find out what type of outfit to use (or measure it based on the sector to which the company belongs to) and even, sometimes, the companies dictate policies about the personnel’s outfit.

2. If the company belongs to the industrial sector, financial, legal, or to the state, it is advised to use the combination of a suit with sober colors, a flat dress shirt, and a dress tie that contrasts with the dress shirt.

3. If the company focuses in the creative or audiovisual area, a more relaxed dress code can be used, but always watching the harmony of the tones. In these type of companies, the interviewee can wear drill pants or jeans with a solid color, ALWAYS with a blazer or a dress jacket, and shoes matching the belt’s color tone.

4. The accessories that will be carried have to behave in an organized and professional manner. Avoid backpacks, messenger bags, bags made of recycled materials or manila folders. It is suggested to use the executive suitcases, vinyl/leather portfolios to present documents such as resumes, certificates, etc.

5. The garments must be thoroughly ironed, and the shoes fully shined. Not taking care of these aspects can send the sensation of carelessness or neglect when it comes to details.

6. Avoid extremely extravagant looks, since instead of expressing originality or a lot of personality, it can generate an exaggerated mood to draw attention.

7. Avoid making comments such as “I do not usually wear dress shirts with long sleeves,” “It is too hot, and the tie is not helping,” or comments of the sort. It must not be understood that you are not used to wear formal attire and outfits.

8. During the interview, observe every other time what we do with our hands. Never pull the tie or shake up the suit in a fit of torpor. Try keeping them on the table.

9. In case of excessive sweating, do not hesitate to get a handkerchief (clean, white color in preference) to the forehead and apply, do not rub.

10. Lastly, it is not advisable to be too friendly with the interviewer. Instead, keep a disinhibited and cordial attitude towards him or her.


And that’s it! These are very simple and easy to remember recommendations. In all, everything consists in a previous preparation as if getting prepared for an exam. Therefore, a personal interview can be the most decisive test to many, and there is not an exact formula to obtain a perfect score, but it can be used to always pass the test.






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